Permits & Inspections

Responsibilities of the Building Permit Division
The Building Permits Division is responsible for accepting and reviewing permit applications and plans, issuing permits and certificates of occupancy, performing inspections, and abatement of unsafe nonresidential buildings. 

This division also prepares and maintains records and correspondence, investigates citizen complaints and reviews citizen requests for new or brighter street lights.

Permit Requirements
The Building Permit Office issues construction permits, demolition and sign permits. A permit is required whenever an owner or the owner’s authorized agent (usually a contractor) propose to:

  • Construct

  • Enlarge

  • Repair

  • Move

  • Demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, including:

    • Electrical

    • Plumbing

    • Gas

    • Heating and air conditioning

    • Fire sprinkler and fire extinguishing systems

    • Signs

    • Elevators

    • Incinerators

    • Furnaces or boilers

A permit is also required for fences, tents, satellite dishes or portable storage buildings.

The permit system protects the owner, the contractor, and the city. Permits help to protect property values and can be required in an insurance claim. Permits also help to insure that all buildings and structures constructed or altered in the city meets certain minimum standards, as established by city codes.



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